EXPRESS is a service that offers fast time delivery services or door to door packages. Most of the services used are airplanes.


REGULER is a service that offers delivery services or door-to-door packages by sea and land transport that focuses on more efficient costs while still providing certainty of delivery times.


CONTAINER is a service that offers package delivery services or door-to-door High Value Shipment with Full Container Load or Less Container Load tailored to customer needs.


TRUCKING is a service that offers package delivery services or High Value Shipment by door-to-door with Full Trucking Load or Less Trucking Load that adjust with customer needs. For vehicles provided from Blind van, CDE, CDD, Fuso, Tronton, Cold Chain and WingBox.


EXIM (EXPORT IMPORT) is a service that offers shipping services, both export and import door to door containers and kg-base, as well as custom clearance services. This service comes with two options, Air Freight and Sea Freight. Air Freight as an alternative to faster shipping by air which will be handled by our experienced team of specialists. Meanwhile, Sea Freight is shipping by sea with an option which are LCL (Less Container Load) and FCL services (Full Container Load).

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

WMS (Warehouse Management System) It is an operations management system that focuses on company warehouse activities that are integrated and digitalized with a (web-based) system.

Your trust Is Our Mission

Bagian dari kesuksesan kami berasal dari moto kami "Your Trust is Our Mission". Motto ini telah menjadi DNA dalam kehidupan kita sehari-hari dimana kami selalu berusaha untuk memberikan pelayanan yang terbaik dan bertanggung jawab kepada semua pelanggan kami.