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The best medical equipment and pharmaceutical delivery services to all corners of the country.

Sarana Mulya Logistik

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Great Remote Area - Reaching 514 Cities/Regencies in Indonesia

Sarana Mulya Logistik

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Have Worked With 200+ Companies And Made 20000+ Shipments


Sarana Mulya Logistik

Complete Type of Services

Has collaborated with more than 200 clients and has complete types of delivery services, which are Express, Regular, Container, Trucking, Export & Import. Also, provide several products option and additional services such as shipment insurance, Free Trade Zone (FTZ), packing, wrapping, forklift, and crane.

Competitive Price

We provide prices that are commensurate with the quality of our services and products. That we have large selection of products, safety delivery process starting from picking up until receiving the goods, and excellent after-sales service.

Complete Licenses

Have complete licenses to reach 514 Regencies/Cities for domestic destinations such as ISO 9001, ISO 45001, Asperindo, Kominfo, and IUJPT. We cooperated with 42 regional agent in 34 Provinces and 8 Major cities.

24/7 Online Tracking

We provide an online tracking feature that can be used anytime and anywhere to make it easier for customers to find out shipping information.

Responsive & Updated Information

We always provide a fast response and updated and accurate shipping information to all our customers. So that customers feel satisfied using Sarana Mulya Logistics services.

Claim Guarantee

We provide additional services, one of which is insurance. Every customer has the right to use insurance to increase the safety of goods. And we are always ready to guarantee and be responsible for customer goods that have been insured.

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Best Medical devices & Pharmaceuticals Delivery Service In Indonesia

Sarana Mulya Logistik has made thousands of deliveries to all regions in Indonesia, especially in the delivery of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, as well as contributing to the distribution of medical devices and pharmaceuticals in Indonesia.

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Frequently asked questions

PT. Sarana Mulya Logistics already has complete domestic licenses such as ISO 9001, ISO 45001, Asperindo, Kominfo, and SIUJPT.

PT. Sarana Mulya Logistics replaces damage/loss up to 99.001%.

PT. Sarana Mulya Logistik provides pick up time and delivery at office hours, precisely at 9:00 to 17:00 WIB or can coordinate with internal parties (customize).

For city coverage +/-: 4 - 7 days
For city districts +/-: 14 - 20 days

Your trust Is Our Mission

Part of our success stems from our motto “Your Trust is Our Mission”. This motto has become the DNA in our daily life where we always strive to provide the best and responsible service to all our customers.